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Portrait of Jean Louis Borloo

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Portrait, Jean Louis Borloo, French politician

« The French Right wing can make an idiot of itself like it did on the Pacs! (official union between 2 gay persons – like the wedding but with fewer advantages. The law passed but the Right wing criticized it a lot) I am against discrimination. The equality of men is consubstantial of secularism”. The position is firm, Jean Louis Borloo will defend the right for homosexual couples to get married. A solid opinion for this hardened politician of which social fervour was usually illustrated in favour of culture and housing.

For the ones who know Jean Louis Borloo from the News Puppets, a bottle of wine in the hand and a wheelbarrow for company car, the surprise will be big. The name googlised, it is a goldmine that is offered to the audacious reader. This quadruple graduated of law, philosophy, history and economic sciences, graduated from HEC, ranked at 38 years old as one of the most paid lawyer by Forbes magazine, amazes by his abnegation.

A flawless career path, companies wrested him as an extern advisor, Jean Louis Borloo abandoned Paris, success and fortune to apply at the city council of Valenciennes, a depopulated ex mining town. The MP relates: “It was a kind of desperation, a call for help. People told me: “Jean Louis, you will take care of us, don’t you?”. Elected with 76% of the votes in 1989, he is voted in the next 13 years. Borloo will quit his position in 2002, only to enter to the minister.

“What good is it? What good is it to say about me? I don’t like to talk about me”, he modestly continues in an interview given to the newspaper Le Point, who ranked him in 1996 in the list of the fifteen best mayors of France. Though there is lot to say about his politic in his adoptive city. Slogans “the integration for the culture and culture for everyone” and his efforts to restart employment, it last the creation of the festival of action and adventures, the construction of a theatre, the extension of the library and, above all, the development of the mains drainage.

Prowess of the ex boy scout impressed more than one and he will be designated minister without interruption from 2002 to 2010. His casual dress (he sometimes arrives with Bermuda shorts) and his sympathy for the people make him one of the most popular politicians of Raffarin and Villepin governments. Social programs he initiates contribute to his fame. In 2005, he wrote the Borloo law, to help modest households to invest in real estate.

So when the man engaged himself “personally” for the gay wedding in 2011, it is before all in a equality spirit, asserting that “the public celebration of love is the most beautiful symbol of fight against discrimination”. Jean Louis Borloo, way too much clever, could have scared, fortunately there are still the “Borloos”, these blunders he is familiar of. Like when he voted by mistake against the homosexual marriage at the Parliament, a gaff quickly corrected.


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