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While the body of Margaret Thatcher was crossing the city of London with all pomp and circumstance, the homage was far from being on every lip. The one who took her nickname of Iron Lady after the Soviet Union will leave behind her a mitigated heritage.

The British newspaper The Sun named her “the most unpopular woman of England” in 1971, to crown her “most appreciated Prime Minister since Winston Churchill” in 2013. The antagonism reflects her reign, instigator of a denigrated politic, nevertheless she will be re-elected three times.

Approved or rejected, her sternness had modelled England. Constantly humiliated by members of Parliament when she came to power, nicknamed the “Milk Snatcher”, contested for her ultra – liberal politic, Margaret Thatcher gathered in ballot boxes the legitimacy of her program. Generations have been influenced by the new ideal she imposed during her eleven years of domination; the self made man. The idea that nothing is impossible to whom wants it. A woman issued from the working class reaching the top of the social ladder at a time when parity was not a priority and birth determinism was a reality, stands as her brightest victory. Coming back to past times by will not change it, riots took place, strikes followed one after another, Maggie has triumphed.

The message instead deserves to be repeated. Determination only leads to success. The ideal was addressed to everyone, but some should take more from it, especially when Thatcher affirmed “”In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.”


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